Acoustic Masterclass Series: Celtic Guitar Solos

Jim Tozier

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Erschienen im Juli 2006

ISBN-10 0739040618
ISBN-13 9780739040614

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Book & Online Audio

Reihe: Acoustic Masterclass

Acoustic Masterclass Series: Celtic Guitar Solos

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Guitar arrangements transcribed by the artists themselves, in standard notation and tab. Each edition includes a masterclass-style recording in which the artist walks you through the key aspects and techniques for each arrangement. Twenty-five beautiful Celtic melodies masterfully arranged for solo guitar, as performed by Jim Tozier on his Celtic Guitar album (Solid Air Records). Each amazingly accessible, yet truly beautiful arrangement was transcribed by Jim Tozier himself. The included full performance recording is so stunning that it alone is worth the price. Jim has been called "one of most eloquent Celtic guitarists in the world" (, and his treatment of these traditional Irish and Scottish tunes is tasteful and true. This collection is comprised of time-honored favorites and lesser-known Celtic gems, which makes it an essential resource for players of all levels. Online audio with full-length recordings and performance notes is included. Songs are arranged in DADGAD, CGDGAD, and CGCGCD tunings.
ErschienenJuli 2006
Autor/enJim Tozier
ReiheAcoustic Masterclass
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBook & Online Audio
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