The Shearer Method, Book 1: Classic Guitar Foundations

By Aaron Shearer, Thomas Kikta, and Dr. Alan Hirsh

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Instrument/e: Gitarre
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Reihe: The Shearer Method

The Shearer Method, Book 1: Classic Guitar Foundations

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Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique is used by serious guitarists all over the world and has long been one of the definitive classic guitar methods. The Shearer Method: Classic Guitar Foundations, Shearer's final work, is the first in a series that encapsulates his lifetime experience as America's premier classic guitar pedagogue. This work is a step-by-step curriculum based on Aaron's innovative and common sense approach that incorporates all the advantages of modern technology. The method includes 63 videos for up-close aural and visual learning, 74 new solo and duet compositions and arrangements (made exclusively for this method by Dr. Alan Hirsh), as well as works by Sor, Carcassi, Giuliani, and more. Plus, recorded tracks masterfully illustrate nuance, tone, and musicality. The book even includes Alfred Music's exclusive TNT 2 software that allows you to slow down and loop tracks for careful practice. In addition, a complete online supplement is available for teachers and students that want a deeper understanding of Shearer's work. The book does not replace Shearer's original classic. It augments and expands on it in ways not imaginable in the early '60s when the original was published. It's a must-have to complete the library of any classic or fingerstyle guitarist! The Shearer Method Classic Guitar Foundations is not just a book but a media experience.
ErschienenDez 2012
Autor/enBy Aaron Shearer, Thomas Kikta, and Dr. Alan Hirsh
ReiheThe Shearer Method
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBook & Online Video/Audio/Software
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