Women's Road to Rock Guitar

By Nikki O'Neill

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Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Women's Road to Rock Guitar

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A must-have for any woman serious about learning to play guitar! Guitarist, singer-songwriter, performer, and instructor Nikki O'Neill helps you find your way around the electric guitar in this groundbreaking, comprehensive method! Learn how to play rhythm guitar for different rock styles using power chords, riffs, barre chords, strum patterns, and more. You'll also learn how to play solos across the neck. Nikki walks you through lead guitar techniques like bends, hammer-ons, pinched harmonics, and the whammy bar, and offers tips on how to build strength in your hands. Nikki's in-depth and easy-to-understand style will have you playing along with the accompanying audio tracks in no time. The book also covers song structure, writing chord charts for your songs, the basics on amps, pedals and guitar care, and even shows you how to figure out songs by ear. Included are essential tips from important female guitarists that Nikki interviewed, a quick history note on the first female electric guitarists, and a list of music by great female rock and blues guitarists to check out. Women's Road to Rock Guitar also features ideas on how to practice, work with other musicians, and stay inspired. Features: * Examples written in TAB, so you don't have to read music to learn! * Essential information on guitar care, amps, pedals, and other equipment * An accompanying CD that includes play-along tracks for practice and demonstrations of the examples in the book. "Nikki O'Neill does a fantastic job of covering the most important things that someone who wants to learn the essentials of rock guitar. She's clear, to the point."---Martina Fasano, Playing with Chaos "It's amazing how much musical material is encompassed in this book, yet it's presented in such an accessible manner that literally anyone who possesses an ounce of good will can follow along and learn."---Top Guitar Magazine "There's such diversity of genres of music . . . everyone from Albert King to The Donnas to PJ Harvey."---Lisa Selow, guitarist/author/creativity coach "Nikki seems to take us by the hand and lead us through lessons about rhythm, arpeggio, use of vibrato, how to build a solo, and even how to compose a song, making even the most difficult matters look simple."---Axe Magazine "I'm already ordering copies for a few young gal pickers I know. You should, too."---Sue Foley, guitarist "Women's Road to Rock Guitar is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn rock guitar, as Nikki's expert instruction and the player's perspective are its shining stars . . . the CD included is a treasure with lesson examples and jam tracks with and without guitar parts. An insightful resource for both students and teachers alike."---Stephen McKinley, Guitar Girl Magazine
ErschienenApr 2014
Autor/enBy Nikki O'Neill
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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