Yamaha Guitar Method, Book 1

By Morton Manus and Ron Manus

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Erschienen im April 1996

ISBN-10 0739026658
ISBN-13 9780739026656

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: Yamaha Individual Instruction

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Yamaha Guitar Method, Book 1

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This two-volume method uses both standard music notation and TAB making it great for teaching yourself or learning with a teacher. Book one gives you information on subjects such as the different types of guitars, a history of the guitar, what to look for when buying a new or used guitar, caring for your guitar, tuning your instrument and reading music There are also lots of great songs that help introduce techniques important to good guitar playing. In addition to more great songs, book two introduces techniques such as bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, palm mute and more. Rock, heavy metal, blues, country, jazz and jazz-rock TAB licks are included along with some handy reference charts that make learning fun and easy.
ErschienenApr 1996
Autor/enBy Morton Manus and Ron Manus
ReiheYamaha Individual Instruction
Publisher GroupALFRED
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