2002 Pop Music Hits: Instrumental Solos

Arr. various

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Artikelnummer 00-IFM0236
Erschienen im Oktober 2002

ISBN-13 9780757908972

Instrument/e: Saxophon
Produktformat: Buch

2002 Pop Music Hits: Instrumental Solos

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Songs by Dido, Sheryl Crow, Chad Kroeger, Josh Groban, plus many others arranged for solo instruments. All editions are compatible and can be played separately or together. Titles are: Across the Stars (Love Theme from Star Wars: Episode II) * Beautiful (As You) * Can't Fight the Moonlight * Escape * Hero * I Hope You Dance * I'm Alive * I'm Already There * I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman * Only a Woman Like You * Original Sin * Soak Up the Sun * Thank You * This Train Don't Stop There Anymore * A Thousand Miles * To Where You Are * You.
ErschienenOkt 2002
Autor/enArr. various
Publisher GroupWARNER
InstrumentenfamilieAlto Saxophone
Status CodeREL