Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Recorder

Morton Manus

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Artikelnummer 00-4641
Erschienen im Dezember 1996

ISBN-10 0882846671
ISBN-13 9780882846675

Instrument/e: Blockflöte
Produktformat: CD

Reihe: Teach Yourself Series

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Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Recorder

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This CD serves as accompaniment to Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Harmonica and provides a helpful reference for play-along, practice and duets. When used alongside the book,beginners of all ages can start their journey to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Beginning with the fundamentals, you will learn about choosing a recorder, how to care for your very own, how to hold it, producing a tone, and getting acquainted with standard musical notation. You will then move right along to playing different notes and songs, lesson by lesson, all while continuing to increase your knowledge of reading and understanding standard musical notation. You will be exposed to many periods of music history, from the 16th-century beauty of Greensleeves to When the Saints Go Marching In, Amazing Grace, La Bamba, This Land Is Your Land and dozens of others. The book features the following resources for reference during and after your lessons: * Complete note and fingering chart * Duets that can be played with others or with a CD player Be your own teacher, and let Alfred be your resource every step of the way.
ErschienenDez 1996
Autor/enMorton Manus
ReiheTeach Yourself Series
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeREL