Blues Harmonica

By Tommy Morgan

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Erschienen im Februar 1987

ISBN-10 073902521X
ISBN-13 9780739025215

Instrument/e: Mundharmonika
Produktformat: Buch

Blues Harmonica

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This is a complete manual for harmonica players who want to learn to play in the blues style. This step-by-step approach to blues harmonica is by the renowned harmonica player Tommy Morgan. Pictures and text clearly show you exactly how to hold the instrument and play. This book is great for the beginning player to advanced players who want to improve their playing and music reading. Basic music notation is explained as well as bending notes, straight and cross harp, special effects, solos and fills. There is music in all keys.
ErschienenFeb 1987
Autor/enBy Tommy Morgan
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeREL