Daily Exercises for Saxophone

Nilo W. Hovey

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Artikelnummer 00-EL00418
Erschienen im März 1985

ISBN-10 0769224334
ISBN-13 9780769224336

Instrument/e: Saxophon
Produktformat: Buch

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Daily Exercises for Saxophone

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There is no short-cut in the development of technical proficiency on your chosen instrument. Many of the difficult passages you will encounter in band, orchestra, ensemble, or solo music are based upon scale or chord patterns such as you will find in this book. Therefore, mastery of these exercises will improve your individual ability and help you become a more valuable member of your organization. Daily Exercises for Saxophone is compiled from the works of I. Albert and G. Pares by Nilo W. Hovey. It is not intended that this book shall serve as a complete course of instruction, but only as a supplement to other and equally important studies.
ErschienenMärz 1985
Autor/enNilo W. Hovey
Publisher GroupWARNER
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