The Art of Oboe Playing

David Ledet | Robert Sprenkle

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Erschienen im September 1996

ISBN-10 0874870402
ISBN-13 9780874870404

Instrument/e: Oboe
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: The Art of Series

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The Art of Oboe Playing

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The Art of Oboe Playing is actually two books in one -- one part by Robert Sprenkle on playing the oboe, and another part by David Ledet on reed-making. Sprenkle was the renowned teacher of some of the finest oboists, among them Robert Bloom of the Rochester Philharmonic. Ledet has an exceptionally broad professional background, including assistant band director, teacher of oboe and theory, and administrator.
• Controlling the Tone
• Fingering and Trill Fingering Chart
• Introduction
• Problems and Techniques of Oboe Reedmaking
• Problems of Phrasing
• Problems of Practice
• Producing the Tone
• Reed Adjustment
• Selecting an Instrument
• Standard Reedmaking Tools
• The Binding Process
• The Concept of Learning
• The English Horn
• The Gouging Process
• The Scraping Process
• The Shaping Process
ErschienenSep 2019
Autor/enDavid Ledet | Robert Sprenkle
ReiheThe Art of Series
Publisher GroupWARNER
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