Vahid Matejko’s Balkan Duets for Clarinets

By Vahid Matejko

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Erschienen im Juli 2012

ISBN-10 3933136911
ISBN-13 9783933136916

Instrument/e: Klarinette
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Vahid Matejko’s Balkan Duets for Clarinets

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Vahid's intention when putting together this delightful collection of Balkan duets was to present interesting repertoire for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced clarinetist for performance on stage as a duet. The level of difficulty is technically progressive so that the clarinet beginner as well as the professional will be able to find suitable pieces to play. This book will provide repertoire throughout the education of the clarinetist and can be used for educational performances at all levels. Additionally, the easy-to-play pieces at the beginning of this book are designed for student/teacher duets, with Clarinet 1 to be played by the student, and the Clarinet 2 by the teacher. The later duets in this book are appropriate for equal ability-performance. Even clarinetists who are experienced in the performance of Balkan music will find these duets a valuable enrichment to their repertoire.
ErschienenJuli 2012
Autor/enBy Vahid Matejko
GenreFolk; World
Publisher GroupALFDE
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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