Horn Player's Audition Handbook

Comp. and ed. Arthur LaBar

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Artikelnummer 00-EL03281
Erschienen im Dezember 1986

ISBN-10 0769227589
ISBN-13 9780769227580

Instrument/e: Horn in F
Produktformat: Buch

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Horn Player's Audition Handbook

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The Horn Player's Audition Handbook provides a handy, one-volume reference guide to the literature, especially for those players preparing for an imminent auditions, containing, as it does, the repertoire most frequently asked for by American orchestras. Since audition lists almost always include a few "non-standard" works, the well-versed student will also want to have employed the more comprehensive collections of excerpts in the course of his/her general preparation for an orchestral career. However, the advantages of having the most "important" audition material under one cover will readily be appreciated and makes this book a welcome addition to the literature.
ErschienenDez 1986
Autor/enComp. and ed. Arthur LaBar
Publisher GroupWARNER
Instrument/eHorn in F
Status CodeREL