A Collection of Hymns

By Alfred V. Fedak

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Erschienen im August 1996

ISBN-10 076925036X
ISBN-13 9780769250366

Instrument/e: Orgel
Produktformat: Buch

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A Collection of Hymns

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Alfred Fedak has been a contributing writer to our catalog for many years, and we've followed your suggestions to compile his works into a collection. This book contains organ arrangements of 19 familiar hymn tunes, found in hymnals from all denominations. Most of these settings appeared in early issues of The Organist's Companion which are no longer available. Various styles are represented, but none are difficult. The book is also arranged in the order of the church year, thus making it very useful to all organists.
ErschienenAug 1996
Autor/enBy Alfred V. Fedak
Publisher GroupWARNER
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