Complete Rock Keyboard Method Complete Edition

By Joe Bouchard, Sheila Romeo, and Seth Zowader

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Erschienen im Mai 2011

ISBN-10 0739078925
ISBN-13 9780739078921

Instrument/e: Keyboard / Piano
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Reihe: Complete Method

Complete Rock Keyboard Method Complete Edition

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Anyone interested in learning to play rock keyboard can pick up this book and get started right away. This well-paced, comprehensive method covers everything from basic to advanced techniques. Beginning concepts include rock chords, left-hand patterns, arpeggios, slash chords, modes, reading lead sheets, and the pentatonic scale. Intermediate topics include chording and soloing over common rock progressions, complex chords, diatonic harmony, bass lines, arpeggios, and much more. The book concludes with advanced techniques like counterpoint, odd meters, modal interchange, rhythm, groove, and the role of the keyboard player in a rhythm section. Loaded with virtuosic, dazzling rock keyboard pieces and covering the styles and techniques of great rock keyboardists, this book is essential for any keyboardist serious about learning rock. An MP3 CD demonstrating examples in the book is included.
ErschienenMai 2011
Autor/enBy Joe Bouchard, Sheila Romeo, and Seth Zowader
ReiheComplete Method
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD
Instrument/eKeyboard / Piano
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