George Shearing: Interpretations for Piano, Deluxe Edition

George Shearing

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Erschienen im Oktober 1994

ISBN-10 089898470X
ISBN-13 9780898984705

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Buch

George Shearing: Interpretations for Piano, Deluxe Edition

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The Shearing sound is the epitome of sophisticated jazz. This great collection shows off Mr. Shearing's tasty rhythm patterns, such as in "Lullaby of Birdland," his amazing harmonic progressions, such as in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," his sense of musical humor, such as in "All I Do is Dream of You," and also a touch of Mr. Shearing's classical influences, such as with "An Affair to Remember." Most of his delightful arrangements are within reach of the late intermediate level pianist, and they make a wonderful bridge between the classics and the wide field of jazz repertoire.
ErschienenOkt 1994
Autor/enGeorge Shearing
Publisher GroupALFGB
SchwierigkeitsgradIntermediate / Advanced
Status CodeARC