"Pop" Piano Course, Book 1

By John W. Schaum

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Artikelnummer 00-EL00744
Erschienen im März 1985

ISBN-10 0769236618
ISBN-13 9780769236612

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: John W. Schaum Piano Course

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"Pop" Piano Course, Book 1

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The basic object of Popular-Piano Study is to convert vocal music into piano-solo style. It is a fascinating study that motivates keyboard harmony and develops creativeness. The POP course focuses on harmonizing melodies and suggesting ways of embellishing and varying songs. In designing the course, no attempt has been made to explain all the rudiments of music. It is expected that the pupil will derive this from a parallel standard beginner's book such as the SCHAUM ADULT COURSE BOOK I. Also, the reading elemment is expected to be gained from an outside source, such as the SCHAUM NOTE SPELLER.
ErschienenMärz 1985
Autor/enBy John W. Schaum
Arrangeur/eJohn W. Schaum
ReiheJohn W. Schaum Piano Course
Publisher GroupWARNER
Status CodeS/I

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