The Organ Symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor, Volume I

By Charles-Marie Widor

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Instrument/e: Orgel
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Reihe: Belwin Edition (H. W. Gray)

The Organ Symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor, Volume I

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Charles-Marie Jean Albert Widor (February 21, 1844 -- March 12, 1937) was a French organist, composer and teacher, and was at the forefront of a revival in French organ music in the late 1800's. The organ symphonies are his most significant contribution to the organ repertoire, and came about partly due to the emergence of the symphonic style of organ building typified by the instruments of Cavaille-Coll, with their orchestral voicing and warmer sound. Widor's symphonies can be divided into three groups. The first four symphonies comprise Op. 13 (1872) and are more properly termed "suites" (Widor himself called them "collections".) This book contains the first five of the Organ Symphonies. Included in this book is the famous Toccata from the Symphony No. 5. This beautiful volume is an essential part of the organist's library of romantic organ literature.
ErschienenMai 1989
Autor/enBy Charles-Marie Widor
ReiheBelwin Edition (H. W. Gray)
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