Buddy Rich: Jazz Legend (1917-1987)

Featuring Buddy Rich

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Erschienen im Oktober 1997

ISBN-10 0769216900
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Instrument/e: Drumset
Produktformat: Buch

Buddy Rich: Jazz Legend (1917-1987)

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In addition to being a collection of transcriptions of the Buddy Rich solos featured on the Buddy Rich Jazz Legend DVD (00-903792), this publication concentrates on the specifics of "The World's Greatest Drummer's" playing. The techniques covered include left-handed/bass drum coordination, drumset crossovers, cymbal patterns, left-hand/right-hand singles, left-hand time patterns, hi-hat work, blisteringly fast alternating single strokes, and various nuances that made Buddy so special. Together with the videos, or by itself, this book is a must for any drummer's library.
ErschienenOkt 1997
Autor/enFeaturing Buddy Rich
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