Classic Movie Instrumental Solos

Arr. various, ed. Bill Galliford

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Artikelnummer 00-42229
Erschienen im Juli 2017

ISBN-10 1470636115
ISBN-13 9781470636111

Instrument/e: Mallet Instrument
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Reihe: Pop Instrumental Solo Series

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Classic Movie Instrumental Solos

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This series contains 12 of the most famous classic movie instrumental solos, all arranged and edited for the Level 2--3 player. Also included is a CD featuring a full-performance version of each song, followed by a play-along track. Titles: Cantina Band * Concerning Hobbits * Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead * Family Portrait * Gonna Fly Now * Hedwig's Theme * In Dreams * James Bond Theme * Song from M*A*S*H * Over the Rainbow * Raiders March * Star Wars (Main Theme) * You've Got a Friend in Me.
ErschienenJuli 2017
Autor/enArr. various, ed. Bill Galliford
ReihePop Instrumental Solo Series
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD
Instrument/eMallet Instrument
SchwierigkeitsgradLevel 2-3
Status CodeREL