Contemporary Album for the Snare Drum

By Stanley Leonard

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Erschienen im September 2020

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Instrument/e: Snare Drum
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: LudwigMasters

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Contemporary Album for the Snare Drum

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CONTEMPORARY ALBUM FOR THE SNARE DRUM, by master percussionist and composer Stanley Leonard, will improve the percussionist’s musical, technical, and rhythmic skills on the snare drum, and provide a repertoire for studio and recital performance. The "Four Solo Etudes" are solos in contrasting style and dif?culty, which explore the tone colors of snare drum sound. "Time Studies" are rhythmic technical studies designed to sharpen mental and performance control. The "Six Duets" allow two performers to test their musical and technical skills together. The two "Improvisations" and the multiple solo "Accentuation" are further explorations in musical creativity for the individual performer.
ErschienenSep 2024
Autor/enBy Stanley Leonard
Publisher GroupKEISER
Instrument/eSnare Drum
InstrumentenfamilieSnare Drum
Status CodeRPG