Contemporary Country Styles for the Drummer and Bassist

By Brian Fullen and Roy Vogt

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Erschienen im November 1994

ISBN-10 0882847961
ISBN-13 9780882847962

Instrument/e: Drumset
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Contemporary Country Styles for the Drummer and Bassist

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This unique play-along volume provides a cross-section of contemporary country styles as played by today's top country musicians. The package includes a play-along CD covering 12 focus grooves and their variations, written charts for every track, plus playing suggestions and recommended listening for each style. Each groove comes complete with written charts (plus invaluable information), a breakdown of the groove's key elements, analysis of the form, playing suggestions and a selected discography. Recorded in Nashville by some of the best session players around, the top-quality CD has been mixed with the drums on the left channel and the bass on the right so that either instrument can be dialed out, allowing you to substitute the track with your own playing. Includes styles such as country pop, contemporary 2-beat, country cajun and much more!
ErschienenNov 1994
Autor/enBy Brian Fullen and Roy Vogt
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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