Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset

Aldo Mazza

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ISBN-10 0995336105
ISBN-13 9780995336100

Instrument/e: Drumset
Produktformat: Buch & DVD-ROM

Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset

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Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset is a condensed study of the most popular rhythms and dances of Cuba. From basic grooves and rhythmic structures, to ensemble orchestrations of traditional Cuban percussion, the book sheds new light on Cuban music. After 17 years of running programs in Cuba and spending years working with top Cuban artists, author Aldo Mazzo has clarified a lot of historically incorrect knowledge and information about Cuban rhythms and music. The exercises are explained clearly, making it perfect for beginning through advanced players. The included 75 play-along audio tracks include written-out parts. 38 video clips will ensure accurate and thorough comprehensive of concepts.
ErschienenMärz 2017
Autor/enAldo Mazza
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & DVD-ROM
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