World Rhythms! Arts Program Presents West African Drum & Dance

By Kalani and Ryan M. Camara

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World Rhythms! Arts Program Presents West African Drum & Dance

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The rhythms and dances of Guinea, West Africa spring to life in this ground-breaking multimedia collection from award-winning author Kalani and noted world percussionist Ryan M. Camara! More than just a drumming book, this easy-to-use method immerses teachers and students in traditional West African music, dance and culture through a step-by-step curriculum that maintains cultural authenticity. The World Rhythms! Arts Program (WRAP) is a multiple-discipline curriculum that incorporates drumming, singing, dance, and culture. Rooted in traditional West African music and dance, WRAP helps develop essential arts and life skills through a holistic approach to music and movement education. A must for your classroom!
ErschienenJan 2007
Autor/enBy Kalani and Ryan M. Camara
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch, DVD, & CD
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