Yard Sale

By Clarence E. Barber

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Artikelnummer 36-50603002
Erschienen im September 2020

ISBN-10 1682965236
ISBN-13 9.78168E+12

Instrument/e: Percussion quartet
Produktformat: Partitur

Reihe: LudwigMasters

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Yard Sale

Suppose your students went to a yard sale, bought all kinds of interesting items, and returned to school to play a concert with those items? Yeah, we think it would be really cool, too. Such is the premise for Yard Sale, a tour de force for young percussionists.
ErschienenSep 2024
Autor/enBy Clarence E. Barber
Publisher GroupKEISER
Instrument/ePercussion quartet
InstrumentenfamiliePercussion quartet
Status CodeNYP