Cinema Classics for Violin

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Cinema Classics for Violin

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Movie themes have their own special appeal. Their role is to convey and amplify the atmosphere and emotions of moving pictures. In many cases they take on a life of their own and it is such titles as these, classics in their own right, which we selected for this book. With this ‘Cinema Classics’ series we wanted to make sure that musicians at home were given the chance to play along with real musicians on the accompanying CD, not digitally created sounds.With a lot of effort and patience in both arranging this broad musical palette and recording the play-along CD, we have been able to create play-alongs that are live studio recordings. Through this we can make a broad spectrum of styles accessible to the player, be it a classical orchestra, a jazz orchestra, a jazz combo, a rock and pop band or any of the possible line-ups in between. We are especially proud to have top-class musicians of the contemporary European music scene on our recordings. Their unique interpretations make it a worthwhile experience to just listen to the tracks, let alone having yourself accompanied by top notch musicians.Rock, swing, bluster and groove with these playbacks. Titles: As Time Goes By (Soundtrack: "Casablanca“) * Ghostbusters (Soundtrack: "Ghostbusters") * Gonna Fly Now (Soundtrack: "Rocky“) * Hedwig‘s Theme (Soundtrack: "Harry Potter and The Philosopher‘s Stone") * Hogwart‘s Hymn (Soundtrack: "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire“) * I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Soundtrack: "Armageddon") * In Dreams (Soundtrack: "The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring") * James Bond Theme (Soundtrack: "Dr. No") * Miss Marple‘s Theme (Soundtrack: "Agatha Christie‘s Murder She Said") * Over the Rainbow (Soundtrack: "The Wizard of Oz") * Pink Panther (Soundtrack: "The Pink Panther") * Star Wars (Main Theme) (Soundtrack: "Star Wars®")
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