Fun Improvisation for Viola

By Alice Kay Kanack

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Erschienen im Januar 1997

ISBN-10 0874877741
ISBN-13 9780874877748

Instrument/e: Viola
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Reihe: Suzuki Method Supplement

Fun Improvisation for Viola

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In a speech at the 1984 Matsumoto Summer Conference, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki nicknamed Alice Kanack "Mozart's mother" in response to her innovative work in the development of the creative part of the brain. He added to this his hope that as a result, someday all children might create their own music. After twelve years of research and testing, the Fun Improvisation for... series was developed. Each book contains philosophical and practical advice on how to use the 28 musical exercises to develop a child's innate creative ability to its highest level. The basic instructions allow even a twinkler to use these exercises, while the advanced instructions provide a challenge to the most advanced player.
ErschienenJan 1997
Autor/enBy Alice Kay Kanack
ReiheSuzuki Method Supplement
Publisher GroupWARNER
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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