Romance for Viola and Piano

By Bob Cerulli

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Artikelnummer 36-52720606
Erschienen im September 2020

ISBN-10 1638870292
ISBN-13 9.78164E+12

Instrument/e: Viola and Piano
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: Latham Music

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Romance for Viola and Piano

Romance in D has a wide range of expressive dynamics and lyrical emotion expressed through legato and detaché phrasing. All in alto clef, it highlights the resonant register of the viola, with ample opportunities to show off the depth and breadth of your own personal sound. The harmonic progressions are delightful and add to the subtle colors of the melodic phrases.
ErschienenSep 2024
Autor/enBy Bob Cerulli
ReiheLatham Music
Publisher GroupKEISER
Instrument/eViola and Piano
InstrumentenfamilieViola, Piano
Status CodeNYP