Scales for Advanced Violists

Barbara Barber

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Erschienen im September 2005

ISBN-10 0757941699
ISBN-13 9780757941696

Instrument/e: Viola
Produktformat: Buch

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Scales for Advanced Violists

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The practice of scales need never be monotonous! Scales for Advanced Violists is a user-friendly scale book with each of the twelve keys complete on two facing pages. Dozens of bowings and rhythmic variants are offered to develop and improve evenness, clarity, agility, speed, and intonation. An innovative introduction to double-stops takes the guess work out of this important technique. The Circle of 5ths explains key signatures. The book includes three-octave major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, arpeggios, broken 3rds, and chromatic scales. Double-stops in octaves, thirds, sixths, and harmonics are presented in two octaves. This is the only scale book that most violists will ever need!
• Circle of 5ths
• Key of A
• Key of Ab/G#
• Key of B
• Key of Bb
• Key of C
• Key of D
• Key of Db/C#
• Key of E
• Key of Eb
• Key of F
• Key of F#
• Key of G
• Practice Suggestions for Double-Stops
• Practice Suggestions for Scales and Arpeggios
ErschienenSep 2005
Autor/enBarbara Barber
Publisher GroupALFRED
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