The Art of Cello Playing

Louis Potter

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Erschienen im Januar 1996

ISBN-10 0874870712
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Instrument/e: Cello
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: The Art of Series

The Art of Cello Playing

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The author's stated purpose in writing The Art of Cello Playing is "to present a progressive sequence of commentary and material as a basis for acquiring a sound technical foundation and basic playing competence to prepare the player for exploring the rich solo, orchestral, and chamber music literature of the instrument." To that end he produced a comprehensive textbook and reference manual on beginning to advanced cello technique with emphasis on the vital beginning foundation. Louis Potter Jr. was particularly well-qualified to make this contribution from his wide experience in teaching both classes and individuals at Michigan State University and at National Music Camp, Interlochen, Michigan.
ErschienenJan 1996
Autor/enLouis Potter
ReiheThe Art of Series
Publisher GroupWARNER
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