Matthias Philipzen Cajon Book (Bk&CD&On)

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Matthias Philipzen Cajon Book (Bk&CD&On)

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Matt Philipzen's CAJÓN BOOK is the author's most comprehensive cajón method to date, and is aimed at cajon newcomers, intermediate players, and pro drummers and percussionists. The focus is on the cajón as a drum set replacement. The CAJÓN BOOK answers the following burning questions: - How do I transfer drum rhythms to the Cajon? - How do I transfer traditional and modern patterns to the Cajon and use them in my music? - Which stroke techniques best serve dynamic playing? - How can I accompany songs on the Cajon? - Which accessories help me make my sound interesting and authentic with additional sounds and playing possibilities? The CAJÓN BOOK covers five major topics: - basics – fundamentals & tips - sound & movements - grooves & styles - special sounds & add-ons - techniques & phrasing Although the CAJÓN BOOK is not explicitly aimed at Cajon beginners, it still covers preliminary knowledge regarding basic playing techniques and notation for those who want to learn how to play the cajón 'from scratch' and who do not count reading music among their strengths. This approach is further supported by the online videos and CD play-alongs included in this package. We hope you enjoy discovering, practicing and implementing the many patterns, grooves, and techniques in Matt Philipzen's CAJÓN BOOK.
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