Gorilla Tips Fingertip Protectors Clear Size Extra Small

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Erschienen im Februar 2012

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Accessoir

Reihe: Gorilla Tips

Gorilla Tips Fingertip Protectors Clear Size Extra Small

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Gorilla Tips are the ultimate solution for sore fingers, experienced when learning to play a fretted instrument such as guitar, banjo, mandolin, or 'ukulele. The patent-pending design is engineered to have thicker material at the tip, which diminishes to a thin, stretchable perimeter for comfortable, flexible fit. A precision-molded transitional tool, each set comes with four washable, reusable, durable fingertip protectors that the player places over the tips of the fingers that touch the fretboard, allowing for hours of pain-free playing! This clear set of protectors allows for the most discreet comfort. The extra small size generally fits the youngest aspiring players and is measured by utilizing the sizing ring on the packaging or based on the width of your finger, closest knuckle to the fingernail, being 1.3cm.
ErschienenFeb 2012
ReiheGorilla Tips
Publisher GroupALFRED
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