Cherokee Morning Song

Cherokee Folk Song / arr., with additional words and music, by Michael Yannette

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Erschienen im Februar 2023

Reihe: Lawson-Gould

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Cherokee Morning Song

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Translation: "I am one with the great spirit." Equally suited for mixed, treble, or tenor-bass choirs, this flexible arrangement opens with a Native American flute, the sounds of flowing water, and tuned singing bowls. Next, two robust solo voices introduce the core sections: the traditional melody with Eastern Band Cherokee Indian lyrics; and an original English-text refrain that later pairs with the authentic tune. Please visit for complete background information and performance suggestions for this stunning selection which premiered at the 2022 ACDA Southern Region Conference.
ErschienenFeb 2023
Autor/enCherokee Folk Song / arr., with additional words and music, by Michael Yannette
GenreSecular, Folk, World, Multicultural
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktspracheEastern Band Cherokee