Pyramind Training Series: Three-Book Set

Matt Donner

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Artikelnummer 00-42260
Erschienen im August 2013

ISBN-10 0739099574
ISBN-13 9780739099575

Produktformat: 3 Books & 3 DVDs

Reihe: Pyramind Training Series

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Pyramind Training Series: Three-Book Set

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As one of the most influential music recording schools in the world, Pyramind features top-notch instructors in numerous musical fields. This valuable three-book and three-DVD set captures and showcases Pyramind's expert knowledge---all for one low price. This set includes Signal Flow, which explores the fundamentals of sound production; Work Flow, which covers the basics of music theory and songwriting as related to the piano; and Cash Flow, which breaks down the music business. These methods are perfect for musicians looking for quality instruction from a proven source and teachers who want the most up-to-date method for their students.
ErschienenAug 2013
Autor/enMatt Donner
ReihePyramind Training Series
Publisher GroupALFRED
Produktformat3 Books & 3 DVDs
Status CodeREL

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