(Do You Want) Salsa with That?

By Larry Henry

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Artikelnummer 31700
Erschienen im Mai 2009


Instrument/e: Concert Band
Produktformat: Partitur & Stimmen

Reihe: Alfred Debut Series

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(Do You Want) Salsa with That?

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Imagine a warm tropical island resort, sailboats in the distance and palm trees swaying along the beach . . . (Do You Want) Salsa with That? is a lighthearted Latin tune that features your "star" player. The solo, written for almost every instrument, makes this a flexible selection for any group that gives students a chance to "get in front of the band." Your audience will love the Latin percussion instruments playing a mambo rhythm that will bring a smile to everyone's face. You can enhance the rhythm section to include almost any number of Latin instruments. Solid scoring and little technical demand make this piece reachable for the youngest of bands, but the rich harmonies, beautiful melody and syncopated rhythms make it sound sophisticated for the more mature player. This is a timeless selection your audience will enjoy for years to come.
ErschienenMai 2009
Autor/enBy Larry Henry
ReiheAlfred Debut Series
GenreLatin; Light Concert
Publisher GroupALFGB
ProduktformatPartitur & Stimmen
Instrument/eConcert Band
InstrumentenfamilieOrchester & Kapelle
Schwierigkeitsgrad1.5 (Easy)
Status CodeARC

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