Sleigh Ride Duet Fantasy

By Leroy Anderson / arr. Zach Heyde and Frank Tedesco

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Artikelnummer 42268
Erschienen im Juli 2013

ISBN-10 0739099655
ISBN-13 9780739099650

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Einzelausgabe

Reihe: The Alfred Duet Series

Sleigh Ride Duet Fantasy

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Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" is a holiday favorite, and this setting for advanced piano duet gives it a fresh twist. It begins with Anderson's jingling melody and some musical banter between the primo and secondo players, and then it launches into a series of variations that take the listener on a journey through a variety of styles, from gently swirling, impressionistic arpeggios to a triumphant coda with brilliant, virtuosic passagework. Audiences will enjoy a number of other musical surprises along the way.
ErschienenJuli 2013
Autor/enBy Leroy Anderson / arr. Zach Heyde and Frank Tedesco
ReiheThe Alfred Duet Series
GenreHoliday Pops; Secular
Publisher GroupALFGB
SchwierigkeitsgradEarly Advanced
Status CodeARC