The Alan & Marilyn Bergman Songbook

Alan and Marilyn Bergman

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Artikelnummer 00-VF1706
Erschienen im Juli 1991

ISBN-10 0769202098
ISBN-13 9780769202099

Instrument/e: Piano / Vocal / Chords
Produktformat: Buch

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The Alan & Marilyn Bergman Songbook

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Alone in the World * Fifty Percent * The Girl Who Used to Be Me * I Believe in Love * In the Heat of the Night * Like a Lover * One Day * A Piece of Sky * That Face * What Matters Most * Where Is It Written? * Yellow Bird * You Don't Bring Me Flowers and more.
• A Piece of Sky (from "Yentl")
• All I Want for Christmas Is You (A Christmas Love Song)
• Alone in the World
• America... The Dream Goes On
• Fifty Percent (from "Ballroom")
• How Do You Keep the Music Playing? (from "Best Friends")
• I Believe in Love (from "A Star Is Born")
• I Was Born in Love with You
• I'll Never Say Goodbye
• In the Heat of the Night
• It Might Be You (Theme from "Tootsie")
• Job Application
• Like a Lover a/k/a O Cantador
• Make Me Rainbows
• Most of All You (from "Major League")
• Nice 'n' Easy
• On My Way to You
• One Day
• One Song
• Papa Can You Hear Me (from "Yentl")
• So Many Stars
• Summer Me, Winter Me
• That Face
• The Girl Who Used to Be Me
• The Island (Comecar de Novo)
• The Music of Being Free
• The Summer Knows (Theme from "The Summer of '42")
• The Trouble with Hello Is Goodbye (from "Fuzz")
• The Way He Makes Me Feel (from "Yentl")
• The Way We Were
• The Windmills of Your Mind (from "The Thomas Crowne Affair")
• Time on My Hands (You in My Arms)
• What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
• What Matters Most
• Where Do You Start
• Where Is It Written?
• Who Gave You Permission
• Yellow Bird
• You Don't Bring Me Flowers
• You Must Believe in Spring
ErschienenJuli 1991
Autor/enAlan and Marilyn Bergman
Komponist/enAlan Bergman | Marilyn Bergman
Publisher GroupWARNER
Instrument/ePiano / Vocal / Chords
Status CodeRPG