SongXpress®: Heavy Metal, Vol. 2

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Artikelnummer 00-902784
Erschienen im Januar 2002

ISBN-10 0757982794
ISBN-13 9780757982798

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: DVD

Reihe: SongXpress

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SongXpress®: Heavy Metal, Vol. 2

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SongXpress is the fastest and easiest way to learn your favorite songs on guitar. It's like having a good friend teach you in the comfort of your living room! With this exciting and fun format, you'll learn all the chords, riffs, and guitar patterns for each song. Plus, our exclusive on-screen diagrams and tablature practically guarantee you will be playing in no time. SongXpress has quickly become the instructional video of choice for beginning and intermediate guitarists worldwide. Now you can enjoy the same quick and easy style of learning on your home DVD player! DVD features include a special tuning segment, chord diagrams, additional video tips, and much more! All the chords, riffs, and power melodies from greats such as Dokken, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple. Flight of Icarus * Iron Man * It's Not Love * Smoke on the Water.
ErschienenJan 2002
GenreMetal; Rock
Publisher GroupWARNER
Status CodeREL