Souvenir de Florence

By Peter Tchaikovsky / arr. Tom Myron

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Artikelnummer 36-A927190
Erschienen im Mai 2022

Instrument/e: Streichorchester
Produktformat: Partitur & Stimmen

Reihe: Kalmus Masterworks Library

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Souvenir de Florence

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The String Sextet in D minor, Op. 70, is scored for 2 violins, 2 violas, and 2 cellos, was composed in the summer of 1890. Tchaikovsky dedicated the work to the St. Petersburg Chamber Music Society in response to his becoming an Honorary Member. The work, in the traditional four-movement form, was titled Souvenir de Florence because the composer sketched one of the work's principal themes while visiting Florence, Italy, where he also composed The Queen of Spades. The work was revised between December 1891 and January 1892, before being premiered in 1892. It is the only string sextet he composed. This version of Souvenir de Florence is presented with the addition of a Contrabass part by American composer/arranger Tom Myron. The first movement is in sonata form and, without introduction, presents a rather violent yet melodic first theme in D minor. The second theme, in the dominant key of A major, is much calmer; it flows from the first theme almost effortlessly and then proceeds into the development and recapitulation, which concludes with a quick coda. The slow second movement in D major has a very innocent, romantic theme initially stated by the first violin with pizzicato accompaniment before being taken up by the cello. Following an interlude for all of the instruments, the theme returns for a repeat of the first section. The last two movements, with their distinctly Russian and folk-like melodies and rhythms, greatly contrast with the previous ones.
ErschienenMai 2024
Autor/enBy Peter Tchaikovsky / arr. Tom Myron
ReiheKalmus Masterworks Library
Publisher GroupKEISER
ProduktformatPartitur & Stimmen
InstrumentenfamilieString Orchestra
Status CodeNYP