Symphonic Variants on "Ode to Joy"

By Ludwig van Beethoven / arr. Douglas E. Wagner

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Artikelnummer 00-33646S
Erschienen im April 2010


Instrument/e: Streichorchester
Produktformat: Partitur

Reihe: Belwin Beginning String Orchestra

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Symphonic Variants on "Ode to Joy"

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Beethoven’s resplendent "Ode to Joy," from the last movement of his Symphony No. 9, is brought to life in an exciting arrangement designed to foster instant success for ensembles of less experienced players. The solid scoring will boost confidence and help to insure a secure performance. An added feature of this work is that all instruments have some part of the main theme to play throughout its course. Audiences will thrill to the instantly recognizable tune, and players will be amazed at how quickly they master their parts. This title is available in SmartMusic.
ErschienenApr 2010
Autor/enBy Ludwig van Beethoven / arr. Douglas E. Wagner
Arrangeur/eDouglas E. Wagner
Komponist/enLudwig van Beethoven
ReiheBelwin Beginning String Orchestra
GenreMasterwork Arrangement
Publisher GroupALFRED
InstrumentenfamilieOrchester & Kapelle
Status CodeS/I