The Art of Tuba and Euphonium Playing

By Harvey Phillips and William Winkle

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Erschienen im Oktober 1994

ISBN-10 0874876826
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Instrument/e: Tuba
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: The Art of Series

The Art of Tuba and Euphonium Playing

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This book serves the need for an authoritative guide to the euphonium and tuba for students, teachers, and professional performers. The content and presentation as applied to the wind instruments are clearly stated. Detailed discussion by Phillips and Winkle includes many considerations for all levels of performance. The appendix includes study materials recommended for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. This book also presents a pictorial history of the evolution and development of the tuba/euphonium family with a selected list of outstanding artists who make up its heritage.
ErschienenOkt 1994
Autor/enBy Harvey Phillips and William Winkle
ReiheThe Art of Series
Publisher GroupWARNER
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