The Pink Panther

By Henry Mancini / arr. Dan Coates

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Artikelnummer 25702
Erschienen im Februar 2006

ISBN-10 2570200000

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Einzelausgabe

Reihe: Simply Pop Series

The Pink Panther

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Because of the remake of this classic movie, the demand for Henry Mancini's most famous melody is high! Alfred's "Simply Pop" series offers two highly accessible and fun to play arrangements of the theme from The Pink Panther. Each sheet solo has been carefully edited and graded so that students, hobbyists and Pink Panther fans can indulge in this classic theme!
ErschienenFeb 2006
Autor/enBy Henry Mancini / arr. Dan Coates
ReiheSimply Pop Series
GenreJazz; Movie; Pop
Publisher GroupALFGB
Status CodeREL